Wednesday, September 22

JayQ The Legend "Be Mine" Video | @Jayqthelegend

Born in St. Croix and raised in New Orleans, JayQ The Legend (TL) grew up surrounded by music. A survivor of an abusive childhood, he earned his law and MBA degrees to protect and mentor others.

JayQ The Legend worked with many southern artists to ink record deals, and provided legal counsel to others, including DMX, Baby Joe and TEC.

The "Be Mine" music video is a classic romantic short film with a twist. Director Miriam Bavly and Cinematographer Paul Winters takes you on an epic adventure on location in Apache Junction, Arizona. Get your popcorn, gather a few friends "setback" and enjoy the old west legend of JayQ The Legend rescuing all the flowers with the help of his native Apache brother.

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Lil Neph "Curve Ball" @LilNeph_1 | Single & Video

Meet the young legend Lil Neph from Carol City, Fl. He grew up listening to music and grew to love it more when his uncle would come around freestyling. Influenced by T.I., Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Future, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, and various others. He recently released and is currently pushing his single "Curve Ball" produced by D Shim. "Curve Ball" is among singles and other projects he has ready to come out soon. Stay tuned for more and support Lil Neph.

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Tuesday, September 21

Jaraiyia Alize’ - The Godmother (Official Trailer) | @JaraiyiaAlize

Jaraiyia Alize’ - The Godmother (Official Trailer)

Jaraiyia Alize' has fast become a hot topic for all music fans especially R&B and Hip-Hop fans. Today, the Champaign, Illinois native artist will release her second project of the year. It is called ‘The Godmother’ produced by Ryini Beats. Jaraiyia Alize' has been approaching the R&B and hip-hop limelight for months, and now, it seems, she’s bathing in it. Jaraiyia Alize' will soon be in the ranks of the fastest-rising up-and-coming artists of the month on streaming and more. Jaraiyia Alize' had a breakout moment with the release of her silent music videos, and silent short film trailers. She keeps building, and growing her streams from there. In August of 2021, he reached the Top 50 Apple Music song charts for the first time thanks to a growing fanbase she calls Pearlz. Jaraiyia Alize' is on her way to becoming the music industry’s next most promising superstar, and songstress. Jaraiyia has an intense, and relatable story to tell and what better way for her to express those emotions through singing and making music. With inspirational icons to admire such as, Beyonce’, Rihanna, Anita Baker, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift; it’s with versatility and personal experiences that have molded Jaraiyia into yet another iconic artist in the making. Now working on musical projects with some notable collaborations such as Ryini Beats. Jaraiyia Alize', plans to create music that inspires and memorizes fans. “I believe that I can bring diversity to the music industry. I love music from all cultures and walks of life. Music is what connects us as beings, and I want to connect us all. Through my music I plan to uplift, guide, educate, and heal the world. The legacy that I will leave behind is self-love, peace, and harmony amongst all Pearlz. I want to be remembered as the artist that healed the world.” Stay connected with musician and talented artist Jaraiyia Alize'. Jaraiyia Alize' released her first ever NFT Project 'Jaraiyia Alize'. This NFT project represents Jaraiyia's first venture into the world of digital assets and is out now. The Piano Man non-fungible token (NFT) is part of Jaraiyia Alize's first NFT collection along with The Pearlz NFT Auction. You can purchase it via M&G Collections and Rarible. This project was conceived by Jaraiyia Alize' and her team as a way for her to connect with her ever growing fan base in a unique way leveraging blockchain technology. Go listen, and watch 'The Godmother' by Jaraiyia Alize'.


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Bad Gyal Shi Shi "High" Single

The New Single 'High' Is Gaining A Buzz In Reggae!

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Bad Gyal Shi Shi's new single 'High' is starting buzz around the reggae music scene. The song recently went #1 on iTunes and is getting some play on radio and playlist curators are starting to add the hit single to their playlist.

'High' is a new single distributed buy reggae's legendary label Tuff Gong and the Caribbean is starting to really listen this new single. Check out the single on all streaming platforms.

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Wednesday, September 15

Trey Lew is Back with New Single, "Let Us In"

TREY LEW IS BACK!!! With a song that everyone needs to hear! 

 After taking a break from music to get married and to focus on basketball, Lewis returns to the music scene better than ever. His latest release “Let Us In” is some of his best work to date. This record not only gives its listeners that “feel good” vibe, but provides a greater message of hope, love, and unity during some of the most uncertain times the world has ever seen. 

 “Let Us In” by Trey Lew is a dynamic record that speaks to today's climate about overcoming all the obstacles we are facing in America and all over the world. The message is clear, spread love and keep the faith. Everything always works out in the favor of those who believe! 

 While embodying today’s culture and climate along with witty personal references of his lifestyle—it appears Trey has found his groove as an artist and has no plans of stopping any time soon. “This is only the beginning” says the budding star from Cleveland, Ohio. 

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Don Warbucks "Wake Up" Single | @donwarbucks

Don Warbucks releases brand new record "Wake Up", Check it out and support it today.

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Saturday, September 11

Beef Stew Radio – Presents The Underground Showcase

Beef Stew Radio – Presents

The Underground Showcase, a monthly virtual concert deeply rooted in the spirit of “Maria Davis and The Legendary Lyricist Lounge”.

Popular podcast Beef Stew Radio and it’s host DJ Big Stew provide a platform for independent Hip-Hop and R&B artist from across the country.

Live streamed from the iconic DAMATRIX STUDIOS in the Bronx. ( tv)
Join us on the last Sunday of every month for a virtual event you wont forget.
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Friday, September 10

Scott Morris looks to take his passion for artistry and event planning to different levels

As he ate his morning breakfast and flipped through TV channels, Scott Morris was unprepared for the revelation he would soon experience. As the Backstreet Boys sent shockwaves through his ears and eyes, he was captivated by their performance and the love the group received from fans in the crowd. Scott was immediately drawn to the limelight, yearning to become a huge asset to the entertainment business. Growing up in church and witnessing his father’s love for reggae music also had a large impact on him during his childhood. 

 Scott recalls listening to “Many Men” by 50 cent in the 5th grade. This was his initial introduction to hip hop. It wasn’t until high school, however, that hip hop took over his life. Listening to 50 Cent, Drake, and Lil Wayne was part of his daily routine in addition to religiously watching the famous “106 & Park”. As Scott’s passion for music grew so did his curiosity about the business aspect of the industry. The future mogul went on to attend John Jay College in New York where he became a member of the campus activities board. Scott became the leader of the pack, responsible for organizing special events such as, parties and shows. 

 It was after Scott had the opportunity to host a talent show with the radio club that Marlon Daniels reached out to him interested in teaching him the ropes. Teaming up with Marlon proved to be a great move as Scott learned how to book talent and organize fashion shows. Scott’s wheels began to turn as he knew there was more in store for him. As he developed the blueprint for “The Deans List Tour”, over 250 people signed up to audition. The first year of the tour was an amazing success and put Scott on the map as the go-to resource for artists. The second year pulled in over 400 people to audition. The tour consisted of 16 colleges and three high schools such as, Ohio University, UConn, NYU, StonyBrook, and Howard University, to name a few. After year 3, Scott had built relationships, not only with artists far and wide, but also industry executives. It was clear that he had an eye for talent and had the ability to form a core team that would bring his vision to the next level. 

 Not only did Scott create “The Dean’s List Tour” but he also organized the “No Boys Allowed Tour” in which shined light on female talent and focused on women empowerment. The birth of Mor.bookings Agency occurred after the success of the tour. He was adamant about providing artists with other opportunities if they were unable to be an addition to the “Dean’s List Tour”. As he climbed the ladder as an event guru, his schedule became filled. It was during this time that Scott was fired from both of his jobs. Scott and his team immediately created a way to enhance the budget for the company. The “Toast to Life” party assisted him in generating funds along with open mics that eventually transitioned into show cases. 

  Daze Summit, a prominent and successful music festival, was developed as a result of a dream Scott Morris had. After his experience at SXSW, he was determined to create a platform that New York could call its own. Daze Summit is now one of the most sought after festivals in the New York area. Scott is passionate about placing talented creatives in the forefront while also utilizing his platform to educate and inspire those who are looking to pursue a plethora of different careers. Furthermore, Daze Summit has granted 12 scholarships to students throughout the years. 

Scott Morris has worked on projects with artists such as, Dababy, Lil Tecca, and Mulatto, to name a few. His reputation and roster of accolades continues to increase as he develops, curates, and hosts more events. He is knowledgeable, determined, and passionate about the entertainment business and strives to be the next Diddy. The sky is the limit for this unique and strong willed entrepreneur. Be sure to follow him for the remainder of his journey. 

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Thursday, September 9

Billionaire Buck "Couple of P'zz" | @ComptonsBuck

Just when you thought it was safe .... The Bompton (Compton) Billionaire - "Billionaire Buck" after enjoying a "Good Day" now free from quarantine he's back to the "Trap of things" while stock piling records for the soon to be released "Billion$".

Buck gives you visual play by play process of his plans with a "Couple of P'zz" so get your sack up and press play an tap in with "Billionaire Buck" via Twitter: @ComptonsBuck IG:@ComptonsBuck

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Kilo M.O.E "Ole Pierepont" EP | @omg_moe

A well-revered musical powerhouse, Kilo M.O.E, the owner of the O.M.G Entertainment has come up with his latest project to tantalize his listeners. The music mogul is one of the most well-seasoned artists who have been reigning in the music industry for a while now and the soon-to-be release of his fifth album ‘Ole Pierepont’ is bringing up the anticipation again. The legacy of his original and enticing tracks continues with a hope of a world. The album will be based on the subject matter of revealing a little inside story of what really goes around the industry. While the artist concentrates on the matter of what artists and record labels do, he also sheds some light on the hostile takeovers, mergers, and acquisitions as well. Kilo likes to call the album an “extrospective” that forces people to look into the brutal reality and the hidden truth in it.

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