Thursday, August 11

BigMoney Dboy "Turntest In My City" Single & Video

Hailing from Detroit, BigMoney DBoy is an up and coming artist with a penchant for delivering infectious lines and relatable narratives. Inspired by internationally acclaimed artists like Lil Wayne, BigMoney DBoy's music journey began as a way of communicating nuanced emotions through music where words fail.
BigMoney DBoy is greatly influenced by real life experiences, drawing inspiration for his music from personal experiences and hardships, allowing him to invoke strong emotions in people. Apart from invoking emotions, BigMoney DBoy also seems to have a unique innate competency to ingeniously present music in multiple styles, all while maintaining a consistent brand, one of the factors that make this artist one to keep an eye out for. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, BigMoney DBoy seels to positively influence the world with his music, and is well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal artists in our generation.

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Wednesday, August 10

Richpockets "The Art Collection" Album

D.M.I. Presents Richpockets - "The Art Collection" (Album)

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With legendary Prod by Vinny Idol & Djpain1 plus more. Features from Cappadonna & Kurupt with prod as well provided by Richpockets himself he brings us "The Art Collection" a hip hop soulful hard hitting piece of art for you to appreciate embracing real life emotions portrayed in the form of music.

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Tuesday, August 9

Jinell "What You Like" Single ft. Miles

Jinell Elijah Gasden, professionally known as Jinell, is a prodigious talent with otherworldly singing and dancing capabilities.

He’s a breath of fresh air for the music industry; bringing back a sound once forgotten in this drug, crime, and profit-infused musical landscape. Most call him the dark skin version of Chris Brown, however, in time, Jinell intends to surpass even the great Chris Brown and push R&B back into the forefront of the musical world. This laid-back, charming, and confident young star is poised to take over the R&B landscape with his two new singles: “What You Like” and “Title.”

Be on the lookout for more from this young superstar, he’s someone you don’t want to miss.

Company Name: Feed The Family Entertainment Inc.
Artist Social Media: Jinell's Instagram
Home Town: Jersey City, NJ

Monday, August 8

Former Motown Records recording artists Clarence KD McNair Gives Insightful Message at Mayor Brandon M. Scott Youth Summit

Prophet Jones - Lifetime Youth Summit; July 28, 2022 On July 28, 2022, Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott hosted his second annual Youth Summit to connect youth with local entrepreneurs and provide skills for their entrepreneurship or career journey. Getting to the Bag: The Pathways to Business, Entrepreneurship, and Career Development in Baltimore had interactive breakout sessions, panel discussions, professional development activities, and more. Panelists included Deputy Mayor Ted Carter, Marc Broady, and Clarence "KD" McNair. "It was an honor to receive the invitation from the Mayor's office to give encouraging words to our youth," McNair said. "It was important for me to discuss how to overcome the challenges in business and life." McNair is a Baltimore, Maryland native who began his career as a recording artist and producer in his early teenage years. He landed a music contract with his mother's help at Motown Records. KD was a part of Prophet Jones. Prophet Jones was an hip-hop\R&B group from Washington, D.C. that consisted of Patrick “P” Rowe, Kevin “K.D.” Jackson, Tony “Hollywood” Dumas and Jerome “Goldee” Lattisaw (who is also known as the brother of R&B singer Stacy Lattisaw). This opportunity led his music group to work with Grammy-awarded music producers. In November 2019, McNair released his first book "Give It One More Try," to shed light on the importance of mental fitness. He shares the depths of his early traumatic experiences and how he found ways to push for the life he has now. "Most of our challenges sometimes start at home," McNair said. "Maybe you want to change your family's future, but there are so many challenges seeking to influence self-doubt. Remember to find value in what's worth the challenges to stay motivated to achieve your goals." McNair continued his message by expressing the power of mentorship. He believes that if he realized the value of mentorship as a recording artist, he could have better maximized his opportunities during his career. Today, he is a successful brand architect and author who advocates for programs that help the youth "get ready for obstacles in the world." Many of his teachings focus on mental health and positive solutions for minorities.
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Sunday, August 7

D-Lo G - "2 Often" (Official Music Video)


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D-Lo G unleashes the official music video for a fan favorite from his “Don’t Forget The G” EP, “2 Often”. The founder of Atlanta drill gets aggressive on the Macfly Beatz production and boastfully let’s loose his ostentatious flow. This record carries inspiration from Houston, as D-Lo G was mid-tour with 22Gz on The Twirl Tour during the creation of the song. Watch the official video, shot by Chuckstar Films and stream “2 Often”, along with the rest of D-Lo G’s “Don’t Forget The G” EP. All Links: Bookings | Features:

“2 Often” Music Video | D-Lo G Music | Audiomack | Soundcloud | DJ Download | Follow D-Lo G | “2 Often” All Platforms | "Don't Forget The G" EP

dont forget the g

"Don't Forget The G" EP


Friday, August 5

Joe Green & Money Mu "Loaded" Single

Coalition Djs known to push the hottest records and present some of today's most notable artists, have done it again. This time around they teamed up Joe Green and Money Mu, both of which are known to stay on the grind and keep the music coming. The duo hopped on a Cassius Jay track and proved once again why their names are always mentioned among hip hop and rap enthusiasts. "Loaded" is a song about abundance, whether it's money or a woman with gracious curves, the mission is to stay. . . LOADED! Taking things a step further, Jackson Gary came in and directed the visual, which puts Joe Green and Money Mu at a pool party enjoying an abundant, or shall I say, "Loaded" life. Support the record and video today.

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Thursday, August 4


Slip N Slide Records releases the latest record and video "In Route" by artist Tyte, produced by MilanMade It x XCaine Beats.

Check it out today.

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Wednesday, August 3

Bah'Ndong "Chop Chop" Single

#BGCMelody lead artist Bah'Ndong returns on this one just to declare an end to the yummy "food wars" ongoing across most of Africa now. And he does it in music!

First, he declares: #KhatiKhati (a Cameroonian dish of grilled chicken mixed with palm oil and spices, served with fufu and huckleberry spinach) is the indisputable #Winner in his native Cameroon.

Secondly, he says Cameroon does not participate in the silly "Jollof Rice Wars" between Ghana and Nigeria because Cameroon JELLOF RICE has no competitor that comes even close.
And finally, Bah'Ndong proves that the #Amapiano genre blends well with all types of musical genres and tastes. This track will force people to dance while eating and to eat while dancing.

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Tuesday, August 2

Celebrity realtor Douglas Parson Jr sells 1.3 million mansion to TV executive Carlos King

Celebrity realtor Douglas Parson Jr sells "King of Reality TV” TV Executive Carlos King a home for 1.3 million. The home has a pool, master bedroom complete with balcony, and plenty of space to lounge and entertain. The mansion is right in the middle of a golf course!

Carlos King Kingdom Reign Entertainment

Drake Realty, Inc. (404) 822-4869 Office 3535 Roswell Rd, Marietta,GA, 30062

Douglas Parson Jr. The Art of Flipping Bricks

Sunday, July 31

Breaking Barriers: A Movement, A Brand

In this world you will ultimately have two choices. You can either show the gifts you have been given, or you can keep them to yourself until the day you leave this earth. If you have a gift and no obstacles in your way, the level of success you achieve is up to you, whom you know and the amount of money you have. But what happens when your whole life is filled with obstacle after obstacle while you are trying to achieve your goal? Keep reading to hear how one music executive is quickly taking the industry by storm. At first glance, Cassandra Saunders looks like a disabled woman who has an immense love of music and for some, it’s hard to imagine she has the goals she has. To that we say, spend 20 minutes with her and she will change your mind.

Saunders has been in the industry professionally for 20 years. In that time, she has worked with high profile producers as a songwriter and dabbled in management. Through the years she has had to master the art of initiating conversations, as well as navigate a few adverse reactions because of her disability. But that all changed when, in 2018, through a then mutual connection, she met a man who would completely change her professional life.
Michael “Mike Boss” Mitchell was initially brought in to assist Saunders in getting the appropriate promotion for an artist, but ultimately became her mentor after learning that her goal was to have an independent label. Having relationships with all the major distributors, Boss was able to secure Saunders her first deal with in six weeks of their initial conversation.
Saunders had previously had marketing experience from previous endeavors, but there were a few things she still needed to learn about running and maintaining a successful label. So, her next task was convincing Boss that he should hire her to do marketing and promotion at his then newly minted label, Rich Nation Entertainment. On April 18, 2019, she began work at the label, as well as co-sponsoring an event with him as her own label, Broken Silence Music Group.

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