Wednesday, August 24

@EASTCOASTMP3 PRESENTS TF Mafia – Foot On The Pedal ft Mont Bangers & Yummy

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TF Mafia – Foot On The Pedal ft Mont Bangers & Yummy
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T.F.MAFIA is a group of 3 very talented artists. The lead artist is RAB , followed by SK THA DON & Po STONE. The group was formed in Brooklyn , N.Y. RAB is also a top leader in one of N.Y.C.’s oldest and strongest street organizations called TOGETHER FOREVER or “T.F.”. This organization was founded in 1983 by RAB’s cousin Paulee Zance. TOGETHER FOREVER was founded to better the life and conditions of inner-city youth. To date , T.F. helps to mold careers for youth. T.F. provides food, clothing, shelter , and jobs for people in N.Y.C. who are homeless or in need. TOGETHER FOREVER does this for people around the country as well. T.F.’s main facility is in Brownsville , Brooklyn serving the community.

T.F.MAFIA has been receiving a tremendous radio support with their hit single “FOOT ON THE PEDAL” feat. MONT BANGERS & YUMMY BINGHAM. “FOOT ON THE PEDAL” is spinning on urban radio in the Northeast region and Satellite/XM radio and is expected to continue picking up steam. “FOOT ON THE PEDAL” was premiered in the motion picture “KING OF PAPER CHASIN’”, which hit theaters around the country in 2010 and is now airing on national cable television and was a DVD smash.

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