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@EASTCOASTMP3 PRESENTS Richie Stacks (@RichieStacks ) New Single "Money" Off The Mixtape "Philthy Money" Hosted By @djdrizzle

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Richie Stacks ( @RichieStacks ) – Money
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Born in University City, Mo., knew at an early age he has a passion for music. At the age 13 was when he created his first beat and he hasn’t stopped since! He was inspired by NWA, Spice 1, & The Geto Boys; just to name a few.

Fast forward to the late 90s; this is when he was signed label Show Me Entertainment while he was apart of the duo HARDKNOX. 1999, they dropped “SHOW ME LUV” album and then in 2003, under the label; Mo Dirty Musick, they released “THIS IS REAL”. “THIS IS REAL” was distributed by Select-O-Hits and featured production from Medicine Men (Beats by The Pound) and collaborations with 8Ball (of 8Ball & MJG) & Twista. He appeared in magazines such as Murder Dog, XXL, and The Source.

Fast forward to the late 2000s, Richie Stacks came out on a solo terror!!! In the last two years he has dropped 3 mixtapes (“PHILLTHY PACKS”, “PHILLTHY MONEY”, & “RAGS 2 RICHIES”) with 3 different DJs from 3 different cities (Hittmenn DJs County Brown (STL),Hittmenn DJs DJ Drizzle (Nati Ohio), & Heat Spinner DJs DJ Jtorcher (Indianapolis)) which has helped spread his music through out the Midwest and South regions. You can Google the titles to download them from your favorite website. He has also appeared in Midwest Leak and Twenty 4 Seven magazine to help his effort.

Richie Stacks music has been described has a motivational & soulful hustling music. Hustling doesn’t always have to be a “bad” term. “When I say “hustle” it means; GO GET IT! I don’t let anybody tell me what I can and can’t do.” Says Richie Stacks.

Richie Stacks’ new single “RICHIE STACK MONEY” is sure to have his name buzzing throughout the industry.

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