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Do You Need Your Break? PR Help, a Wikipedia Page? We Can Help

Spin Doctor PR group works with every Major label in the industry, and we also work with too many small labels to mention. We work with DJ's and artist, to huge companies like FIFA to small self owned companies.

We are looking to help up coming artists to break through onto a national scene.

We specialize in getting your name huge online!

We work with EVERY blog that is online, and we also work with print magazines such as, XXL Magazine, Rolling Stone, Vibe, SongWriters, and over 70 more.

Right now we are looking for artists to break, and you could be one of those artists!

We will also get you a Wikipedia page, something that is a MUST if you are serious about your music career.

From the smallest blogs on the net, to working with the biggest names in the world, we will help, qualified artists, get through!

Each plan we do is unique to the person/company. Our basic plan starts at $250.00 for two months and go all the way up to $5,000 a month.

We also offer a trial plan for $99.00!
Before You Contact Us about Breaking Through Please Read Below

All your music to be mixed and either mastered, or ready to be mastered.

You should have quality HD pictures ready to be put onto online sites

You should have a genuine feel of where you stand right now as a musician/artist. If you think you are ready for XXL Magazine, then yes we can make it happen, but you have to be built up to that point in almost all instances, that is what we do!**

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