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There are many DJ’s throughout the world with immense talent and an individual style, yet there are few like the UK’s very own DJ AMES.

DJ Ames was born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire back in 1983. It was not until DJ AMES reached the age of 18 that he decided to try his hand at the craft of being a DJ.

He started attending Music classes where the local Kids could go to learn more about music techniques and the craft behind making a good song, but best of all where they could learn the skills to become a DJ!

Within 3 months he had built a collection of vinyl records any serious DJ would envy and had performed at various local council run events.

Unfortunately within a year of DJ AMES using the facilities the centre was closed down. This put him right back to where he started yet he still had the ambition to succeed.

By 2005 the vinyl collection was firmly back out and AMES began mixing demo’s for his friends, and mixing at party's. He then created an Myspace account and the rest as they say, is history.

By early 2006 DJ AMES had released his first CD titled “Raw Talent volume 1” the CD featured tracks from talented artists throughout the UK with a strong Hip Hop, Grime and R’n’B theme.

Over the year he used the resources available to him to his best advantage, gaining many fans and friends within the Music industry in the UK and the US.

To date DJ AMES has worked with the likes of Flipmode Squad, Grand Hustle/P$C, Aphilliates Embassy ENT (AMG) and has more than 300+ mix-tape releases to his name.

His Mixtapes feature a varied blend of talented artists within the UK and the US. With the genre’s including everything from the grittiest UK Grime to the Southern style American Hip Hop.

DJ AMES has endured trials and tribulations to build a name, a brand and a career as a DJ within the Hip Hop industry and giving up has never been an option.

With his 2nd album released in summer 2007 DJ Ames made sure that his name would grow within the music industry and he would do whatever it took to do that.

With 2008 starting off well for DJ Ames it gave him the chance to travel to the US (Atlanta, ATL) to work with the Aphilliates music group and help support there UK movement aswell as help his name grow within the south of the US.

Half way through 2008 DJ Ames managed to earn his biggest accomplishment to date. He managed to get himself nominated for an award at the Southern Entertainment Awards (SEA’s) which is a US dominated event and is a big accomplishment for any DJ across the water to break through.

In 2009 DJ Ames started off the year in a big way. His series of UK mixtapes started receiving good feedback.

He is also featured in the March / April edition of Hip Hop Connection Magazine. In March 2009 DJ Ames became the first UK DJ to win a Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) in the ‘Best Host On A Mixtape’ category. DJ Ames also made appearances in Street Report Magazine and also the 4th annual DJ issue of O-Zone magazine.

2010 saw a massive rise for DJ Ames, His presence in the US went to new heights especially in the south were he helped create a buzz for every artist he worked with, and cemented his name and brand as a DJ you need to work with. He again was nominated at the 2010 SEA's Awards and won ‘Impact DJ Of The Year’ a category which he won to make it 2 years running. He was also nominated for the following; UMA (Underground Music Awards), Duval Diamond Award, Salute The DJ Awards, Most Hustlin DJ, Most Talked About DJ, OMA's (Official mixtape awards) and Mixtape DJ Of The Year.

2011 has started with intent and has saw a new drive and mind set installed along with a new set of goals. Already he has worked with UK artists such as Sway, Meeks, USG, Fem Fel, Mystro and S.A.S. DJ Ames is hoping to bring his talent and style of mixing to a much bigger UK market this year. Already winning awards such as Salute The DJ and a SEA Awards. He as also been nominated for other SEA awards along with an OMA (Official Mixtape Awards). Expect to see DJ Ames at various Events and clubs around the UK this year

*2010 & 2011 Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) Winner For Impact DJ Of The Year*
*2009 Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) Winner For Best Host On A Mixtape*

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