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Kendrick and Cameron Greenidge (born January 20, 1988) better known as New Money Menace and Hot Boy Hooligan (K.O BOYZ) are up and coming rappers from Dallas, TX. Born in Dallas, to Spencer and Nora Greenidge, the young parents were determined to make life seem easier for their four children, but low income and opportunities seemed to only make it more difficult as the family jumped from location to location, trying to find a place to call home. The family finally relocated to Irving, TX just in time to start an education and a new life. Despite the family’s hardships, the twins took an early shining to music, recording their first freestyle when they were only 9 years old on their grandmother’s recorder. When they were 15, their older brother started to recognize their talent and uniqueness, and eventually put them in his rap group, TNN. From there, TNN went on to flood the community and high schools with mixtapes and freestyles, quickly making a name for themselves in Irving. By the time they attended their sophomore year at Macarthur High School, the twins were known throughout their community as the “K.O Boyz” known for their witty punchlines and word play off of one another. At a young age, they were already performing at venues like Nairobi’s and Club Blue, opening up for artist like Rick Ross, Pimp C, and Paul Wall. Kendrick and Cameron’s father soon observed both of his son’s drive and the effect that the “K.O Boyz” had on the community, and decided to use his own money to help promote them and book studio time, making their buzz in Dallas even greater. Now in their early 20’s after several mixtapes and performances, the K.O Boyz feel like they are finally ready to put their stamp on the New Dallas Texas Movement and change it forever……”

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