Tuesday, November 22


**Each Year on Black Friday, MoneyGraphics, LLC, takes our prices EVEN LOWER than our normal LOW prices to join in the tradition of Black Friday without ever having to leave your house =) Let's be Thankful for online shopping =)

This is how it works. All orders must be placed and paid for between 12am Midnight & 11:59pm on Friday November 25, 2011. To place an order, please send your PRINT READY artwork tomoneygraphicsllc@gmail.com; you will receive and invoice which you may pay using your credit or debit card or paypal. If you need OTHER payment methods please contact us as soon as possible to help you through that process.

What does PRINT READY mean? Print ready means your images must be 300 dpi with a quarter inch bleed. Sound confusing? If you are purchasing 4x6 flyers, there must be a 1/4 inch around the inside of the 4x6 flyer with NO important information, due to our gang run printing, there is always the possibility that something may get cut off within that bleed. Need more info? Please feel free to contact us.

After you send us your artwork and payment is received, your order will go into production. Orders placed before 9pm CST, will print Friday night. Anything placed after 9pm CST will print Monday.

Have more questions? Need more information? Please feel free to contact us!**