Monday, January 30

@EASTCOASTMP3 PRESENTS M.O.P.'s Billy Danze Launches "Rap United Nations" Platform For Artists


M.O.P.'s Billy Danze Launches "Rap United Nations" Platform For Artists
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M.O.P.’s Billy Danze Creates RUN Movement for Unsigned Artists
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First Leaks

Dutch Diamond ( @dutchontheboard ) – Battlefield

D Dub aka Demorne Warren ( @DEMORNE_WARREN )- Grown Man B.I

Kidd Called Quest ( @JayQuest ) – Silicone ( Your Life’s A Lie ) ft. Hassan Mackey, L.I. & Rapper Big Pooh

Santino The Voice ( @SANTINOTHEVOICE ) – Break It Down


Raps United Nation

Raps United Nation is the door opener for artist, building an international crew with our 1 plan 1 movement motto gives all the artist a louder voice and greater visibility. the mixtapes are designed to keep "RUN" in the people faces as this large group of worthy artist that will not take no for an answer... we have connections in every country in the world so every song will be serviced to djs around the world, also each mixtape will been sent to A&Rs, CEOs and Presidents of major and indie record companies. the people involved with We Build Hits and Raps United Nation has an obligation to help artist like yourself...We would like to have every artist representing "RUN" as "RUN" will represent every artist, with constant release of "RUN" projects your voice will be heard because this is your movement, your team, your brand. "RUN" is not a mixtape IT A POWER MOVEMENT

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