Thursday, March 1

VIA @EASTCOASTMP3 Spiff Kidz ( @SpiffKDZ ) – Twerk That [E1 Music]


Spiff Kidz – Twerk That [E1 Music]

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Spiff Kidz hailing from the 843 also known as Da Spiff’z. Our group members consist of Donnie James aka King Spiff, Shaquille Bacote aka Spiff One, Kendrick Parker aka Prince Spiff, Devin Dargan aka Spiff Kid Shawdee, Teddric Davis aka Spiff Kid Teddy T, Allen McPhail aka D Spiff, and Dyeshawn Jones aka Kid Phresh. Two and a half years, working hard and grinding to put our town and state on the map. Each person plays a great role in success of the group. We dance, we perform, and we put on a show. Check out our latest video Suckas and watch how we progressed over the years. Listen to our music and if u support us, then we”ll support you. Thanks – SK ENT



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