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Born Terence Kimble August 26th, 1964, in the southern town of Winnfield La. I began my love for music and musical instruments at the early age of 7. Being a product of the 70s and 80s gave me a range of influences such as The Jackson 5, Rick James, Prince. Stevie Wonder, Al Green, The Bar-Kays, Con funk shun, Maze, AWB and many, many more. Pretty much everything on T.V. or radio at that time played a part in my musical development.
At age 10 I got a guitar and soon realized that I could play any tune I heard note for note. Amazed by my God given talent, I began to try other instruments, and soon I was playing drums, piano, bass and lead guitar. By age 14, I was reading music and playing drums in the school band. I was so advanced that I was asked to play in the high school band while I was in jr. high. At age 15 thru 21 I went from school choir to church choir to playing with local bands that I often formed myself.
My songwriting began after my first love broke my heart. My brother and I started to D.J. in and around our local area and I would sing at the parties to R&B cover song tracks that I made myself. This was my first time singing solo. Soon I began to make demos, and for the next 8 years I tried to get a major record deal, traveling and living in Baltimore , LA and Atlanta . Not having the proper knowledge of how that was done, I never got that deal. Not having the proper education or the desire to get it I turned to the one thing I knew how to do, play music. So I began to seek out jobs to play for recording artist. I was playing for the a local group under 21 ( now known as Profyle on Motown Records) when the producer for platinum recording artist H-TOWN saw and heard me play the talk-box and keyboards he hired me on the spot to play for H-TOWN, that's when it all began to pay off.
Although playing all over the world with H-TOWN was one of the high lights of my life, it only prepared me for what was ahead. Soon after that saga ended I started looking for someone to record and sing my so called blues songs. I didn't want to be a singer so I sought and found someone to sing my songs. That someone was one of the best vocalist of my time, Willie Clayton. I got a job playing keyboards for W.C. with the intent for him to sing my songs it worked out and I had a great experience. I wrote the hits Wiggle and Party like we use to. 3 years later I formed my own record label (SOULFUL RECORDS) and T.K. SOUL was born.

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