Monday, April 2

@VirDiKO: PALLO DA JIINT - "DUMB SHIT!" [Bonus Track: SideChic] Global Music Promotion! @VirDiKO @PalloDaJiint

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Artist(s): PALLO DA JIINT ft Master P, Bengie B, & T.E.C.Producer: Roi Chip Anthony & Mikki Gunz 
Song Title: DUMB SHIT!
Versions: Radio/Explicit - **BONUS TRACK- SIDE CHIC**
Beats Per Minute: 79
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Album Title: "TMZ" by Master P & No Limit Fam
General Comments: "Pallo Da Jiint" aka Giant recently signed to "Master P" No Limit Forever has released "Dumbsh#% aka Dumbshit", one of the hottest single of Master P's TMZ To Many Zeros Mixtape and also on Pallo Da Jiint's Mixtape soon to be released "Dat Heat Rock" My Whip Game Sick this single is a certified "club banger" get on it now. Dumb Shi#% is definitely that hot new southern banger taking over the south with that familiar Louisiana club sound everybodys already bumping!! A native in the heart New Orleans, Carrollton/Midcity, Pallo is over due for his recognition as 1 of The Crescent City premier artist/producer!! Teaming up wit Master P & his partner Roi Chip Anthony on this hot sgl once again proves the magic coming out of this flawless camp will not be denied. Club & Radio DJ's, this is a must download to your collection so add it 2 your rotation asap!! 

Contact: Derrick Morris
Phone Number: 337.405.8594
City: New Orleans State: LA