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365 Music Group


B-Eazy Da King

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“Countin My Money”

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B-EAZY DA KING 365 Music Group
  B-Eazy Da King: is the new face of Hip Hop and is ready to take the rap industry to new heights. Not afraid to test limits, B-Eazy is mastering the art of infusion; introducing music enthusiasts to an inimitable sound while maintaining the true essence of rap music.
Born as Marlon Lamar Burris on June 8, 1988 in East St. Louis, IL, B-Eazy was introduced to a melting pot of tunes at an early age. Born into a musical family with a drummer as a father and an older brother who sings, music flowed through his veins upon arrival. Under his father’s guidance, B-Eazy took an early interest to many genres of music from old school R&B and Jazz to Country music. However, by the age of 6, B-Eazy’s ear for music leaned more towards rap and he realized his true passion was in Hip Hop music.
 During his attendance of East St. Louis high school, B-Eazy continued to develop his rhyming skills as a hobby. He kept his true talent hidden as his immediate focus was not on his long-term career but his short-term on the streets. Even so, in 2003 when his father went to prison, B-Eazy soon realized his potential and shifted his focus on music solely – learning how to maximize on the relationships he made.
In the streets, B-Eazy met other Hip Hop heads such as producers and other rappers and even came across fully equipped studios that were not being used. He began mastering his craft and taking advantage of the connections he gained, eventually becoming good friends and valuable partners over time.
 In 2006, B-Eazy went on to attend Southwestern Illinois College to study Art. A man of many hats, B-Eazy also had a natural talent for drawing. With his world shifting daily and his mind constantly on music instead of in the books, B-Eazy decided to move full force with his rap career and a year later he signed to 365 Music Group.
 Similar to his influencers such as Cash Money and Roc-A-Fella Records, B-Eazy has never been one to follow a lane but always one to create his own. He started P.M.E. (Porsche Movement Enterprize) in 2009. Constantly focused on taking his talent to the next level, B-Eazy’s current mixtape “KINGSHIT” is buzzing throughout the Illinois streets and his next highly anticipated mixtape, “ILLEGAL” is set to release in Summer 2012 – debuting with the first single “Countin’ My Money.” “ILLEGAL” will showcase B-Eazy’s growth as a lyricist, painting vibrant pictures of street culture while appealing to a wide array of urban ears – raising the bar for the entire Midwest.
 With a current roster of 3under P.M.E such as  T-Real, B-Eazy is not only developing his career but jump-starting others simultaneously. B-Eazy is beyond just another rap artist; he is building a brand all his own within the Hip Hop community.
 B-Eazy Da King – Countin My Money (official Video):

b-eazy - countin my money (promo video)


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