Friday, June 22

VIA @MSRIVERCITY DJ Scream x Keem - Made In America [MIXTAPE

"Made In America"
Hosted by DJ Scream & Cory B

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01. M.I.A. Intro [Prod. By Basement Beats]
02. Talk To Em [Prod. By Tar Boy]
03. Rep My City [Prod. By Trifeckta]
04. Straight Loud [Prod. By KE On The Track]
05. Awe Yeah [Prod. By Rob Green]
06. Come Here [Prod. By Laudie]
07. Contacts [Prod. By Basement Beats]
08. F*ck Keem [Prod. By Brall]
09. So Hot Out Here (Feat. Tish Haynes) [Prod. By ICU Beats]
10. In The Streets [Prod. By KE On The Track]
11. Run The Credits [Prod. By KE On The Track]
12. Ready To Roll (Feat. DB) [Prod. By Trife Trizzil]
13. Forget The Haters (Feat. Tish Haynes) [Prod. By KE On The Track]
14. She Rollin' [Prod. By T Dot]
15. I Can Feel It [Prod. By KE On The Track]
16. Bullshit [Prod. By Red/Arkive Beats]
17. My Favorite (Feat. Sir Chaz) [Prod. By KE On The Track]

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