Wednesday, July 4

VIA @EASTCOASTMP3 Chi City (@IAmChiCity) – Opposite’s Attract Ft. Liberti Movement OPEN ASAP

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Chi City – Opposite’s Attract Ft. Liberti Movement
In a time where the rap game is watered down with gimmick rappers and bland, predictable lyrics and unoriginal concepts, Chi City™ is a lyrical assassin whose rhymes take you back to a time when the industry was filled with true, heartfelt Hip Hop music. Hailing from the South side of Chicago, Chi City™ is set to be the new leader of Hip Hop; bringing originality back to the rap game with a fresh, raw flow, and mid-west flavor. Getting back to the essence of rapping, Chi City™ has the witty storytelling techniques of the late, great Biggie Smalls, sick lyrical word play of a Lil Wayne or Jay Z, and an uncanny ability to switch up his flow in ways that sound like none other. Track to track, verse to verse, he has the skills and talent to compete with anyone in the game today.
In a weakened state of Hip Hop, Chi City™ feels like he’s on top of his game and can outshine the majority of the hottest artists in the mainstream. “I feel that I’m gonna be the next big artist to break out of Chicago and really put Chicago in the spotlight like the south is…”, explains the lyrical rhyme pusher. Armed with immense lyrical ammo and a legitimate authentic style that harks on the glory days of Hip Hop, he is more than ready to take on the masses. When asked “What impression do you plan on leaving on the game?”, Chi City™ responded by saying “I want to bring hope to the young aspiring artist. I want to be the inspiration and the one who folks look up to when they want to hear good music.” His music illustrates how he persevered through unfortunate events in his past and uses the knowledge he gained as a child to stay motivated and continue perfecting his craft. Chi City™ is always driven to make music that his fans can vibe to. He’s ever present in the lab continuing to work steadfast on creating a new formula for success. He has all but mastered the underground level and is prepared to break through to the masses and reach commercial success without “selling out”. Without any doubt, Chi City™ is as ready as ever to join the music industry’s Hip Hop elite.
Artist Name: Chi City
Artist Email:
Contact Phone: 614-947-9087
Website URL:
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Track Name: Opposite’s Attract
City: Chicago
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