Monday, October 8

Dat Guy - Hip Hop Sex Shop Album (Hosted by Mike Epps) [Mixtape] + Minajeatwa [Uncensored Video]

"HIP HOP SEX SHOP" [Mixtape]
Hosted by Mike Epps, Greg Street, Beni Boom, Bigga Rankin
01. Intro (Feat. Mike Epps)
02. Letter To Hip Hop
03. Rocking Eternally
04. 19 N My Nina
05. Snoop Dogg Speaks
06. Going Down (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
07. Interview
08. Let It Go
09. Mike Epps Speaks
10. Between Her
11. Unfinished Business
12. Sexy Aggression
13. Temple
14. Greg Street Speaks
15. Take Her To Trial
16. Pretty Lady
17. Minajeatwa
18. DJ Beni Boom Outro
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Dat Guy
MinajeaTwa' (Uncensored Video)