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$225: One E-Mail Blast + ATL TOP 20 Song Placement for one (2-3 weeks viral promo)
$450: Two E-Mail Blast + ATL TOP 20 Song Placement for 2 songs (4-5 weeks viral promo)

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About Us:

With so much music being released at a fast pace, it’s hard for DJ’s to keep up with what’s really hot. Our Job is to provide all the DJ’s with the HITS! With our exclusive ATL TOP 20 [Dj Pack] e-mail blast you can download all the latest music [No Dj drops] with just one click. This new service we provide has helped so many DJ’s stay ahead of the music all across the world. Those days of surfing the internet for countless hours searching for new records are now over!
We also provide a platform for new artist to break their records as well. Our service guarantees genuine recognition + authentic feedback from DJ’s worldwide! Do your research, scroll through our website, twitter, and facebook page and you will see our service is filling a huge void in the DJ community. Salute The DJ’s!!!
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