Tuesday, November 13

Blog & Social Media Tips, Killer Mike Hollywood/Humble, AMS Recap [MSRIVERCITY.COM]

Wrote some new articles on blogging & social media. Shot some cool pics at the AMS Conference and Hollywood or Humble is back, focusing on Killer Mike this week. >> www.MsRivercity.com

How to Get Your Music On Blogs
How to get your music posted on blogs is not as simple as you think, especially if you’re a new independent artist with a small fanbase. Here are a few tips to help.READ MORE: http://bit.ly/RKIP0C

Killer Mike: Hollywood or Humble?
Giving you the scoop on Killer Mike. Side note, I'm relieved he abandoned that whole Mike Bigga name change thing.
READ MORE: http://bit.ly/YJG6bW

AMS Conference Recap & Photos
This past Saturday, the AMS Music Conference and OZONE Magazine Model Search came Biloxi, MS, offering aspiring musicians and models the chance to shine. They invited me to speak on the panel and I also got to do some gambling. Check the pics.
READ MORE: http://bit.ly/YTY4aH

8 Social Media Tips
Inspired by the Social Media panel at the AMS Conferencethis past weekend, I put together some social media tips for my music industry readers, as well as myself.
READ MORE: http://bit.ly/Vum6KI

Upcoming Music Industry Events
Keeping the site updated on new events, concerts, etc. Check back often and let me know if you have anything to include.

UPCOMING EVENTS: http://bit.ly/NtjkBP