Thursday, December 27

Hip Hop Submission: Relly Rellz


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Jerel Robinson, “Relly Rellz”, was born in Brooklyn, New York on
May 18th, 1989, to John At the age of 22, Relly Rellz separates himself from the average
unsigned artist by repeatedly reminding his audience of his diversity
and pure talent. His fan base recognizes him for his musical talent.
Relly Rellz is also credited with managing his all-girl band. While at
the same time, organizing their performances, marketing the Watsup
Watsup Movement, and editing most of his own music videos. He is
currently working on releasing his first album, “The Relly Rellz
Project” through the Watsup Watsup Movement. Relly Rellz always makes
sure he satisfies his listeners whether he is producing, singing,
rapping, or writing. His commitment to music is a bond that is
unbreakable; you will be hard pressed to find an artist that can
produce, write, rap, sing, market, and build a solid fan base. Relly
Rellz is a versatile individual with the genius of an artist and

Check out his latest song called "The Boss" below! Afterward, be sure to visit the entire mixtape in the link provided.

"The Boss" Direct Download Link (no 3rd party site)
"The Boss" Direct Streaming Link (no 3rd party site)