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Kimberly Greene, also known as Young Enfamous, was born February 10, 1988. Raised by her mother and father Judy and Jerry Greene, Kim was always taught one thing believe in God and believe in yourself. Being a military family she would often find herself constantly moving and adapting to new environments. Then she landed in Augusta, GA where she would spend the rest of her high school years. From middle school to high school many friends and family saw the talented she possessed from playing basketball to playing various instruments in the band. Who would have known that music would be goal in life or even the love of her life.
Being exposed to so many different genres of music Enfamous grabbed ahold to what she felt comfortable with and that was spoken word. Poetry has how she expressed her deep feelings about life, love and God. Not knowing that in the future her poetry would lead her to Hip Hop she began to involved. At the age of 15, Kim began attending a church at Faith Outreach Christian Life Center, where she meant her to closest friends Charles Maze aka Codak and Jarius Smith aka Jas. These two along with a few others, they all formed a gospel rap group named Faith Fam. This is where you can say it all began. From learning so much in the music business from Codak and being pushed to be better by Jas, Fav at the time began to evolve.
From the Church to the stage, something that happens to many artists at the beginning of their career, Kim took her talents to move to Orangeburg, SC. Here is attended Claflin University after joining the Army. Here she meant up with a team known as State House Records. They put out a statewide single “ Crank Dat Elroy” by the artist known as JQ. This further exposed her talents as a supporter and performer. Performing at Claflin’s Homecoming to the Crank Fest held in Columbia, SC. Enfamous took up an interest in Sound Recording and began to attend school for that major.
A few deployments later Enfamous created her own production company named Raw Composition Production and is the official Audio Engineer for MikeWill? Of Day Dream Music Group and also an artist on the same label. Enfamous has also joined forces with GL Recordz an independent label based out of Atlanta, Ga. After settling down in Orlando, FL Young Enfamous has produced over 100 songs from various artist, along with dropping her first mixtape entitled TMI (Too Much Information) Hosted by DJ New Era. She is currently downing shows along the coast of Florida from Jacksonville to Tampa. So be on the look out for more to come because this is only the beginning.
YOUNG EMFAMOUS -FINISH is the single off the forth coming Mixtape Labor of Love


Finish - Young Enfamous

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