Tuesday, December 18

Rap Videos We Don't Want to See, Slick Rick Hollywood/Humble, Yo Gotti Photos

Tired of all these boring music videos? Me too, leave your feedback on good vs. bad rap visuals. Also check out the lastest Hollywood or Humble scoop on Slick Rick. Nicki Minaj article is coming up next so check back soon - she's um, a mess. There's also photos from Yo Gotti's Show in J-ville, plus the newest tunes. >> www.MsRivercity.com

Rap Videos We Never Want to See Again
Virals are cool here and there, but make something big screen worthy sometimes. We notice the diminished quality guys, and we’re tired of seeing this:
1. The Whole Video is in the Strip Club
2. My Homeboy Is the Director/Camera Man/Editor
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Slick Rick: Hollywood or Humble?
Meeting Slick Rick backstage at Club Plush in Jacksonville is probably the equivalent of meeting Michael Jackson at the K-Mart – random and exciting, but not a glamorous memory of meeting an idol. Still, it was a chance most will never have.
FULL ARTICLE: http://msrivercity.com/?p=4713

Featured Video - RaRa Needs No "Cosign"
Speaking of music videos, this one doesn't completely suck. The scenery is super dope - how can you not love NY street shots? And the lyrics are cool. Gets a B- on creativity due to lack of any storytelling, but def worth a watch. Enjoy.
LINK: http://msrivercity.com/?p=4876

Yo Gotti, Bigga Rankin, DJ Demp @ Skyline - Jax, FL
Yo Gotti made an appearance in Duval Wednesday night at Skyline Sports Bar & Grill. Bigga Rankin and DJ Demp hosted the concert while the Eyes of Hip Hop, Terrence Tyson, caught the event on camera.
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Featured Mixtape: Smash Brovaz - Think It's a Game
Whoa! This is the best mixtape I've heard this week, since last week's Meyhem Lauren tape. Check it now and thank me later.
LINK: http://msrivercity.com/?p=4884