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Introducing Einstagator and Jacob Scott "Novus" [mixtape]

Introducing Einstagator (@Einstagator) and Jacob Scott "Novus" [mixtape]

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Team Breezy Says received the "Novus" mixtape by Einstagator and Jacob Scott for a team review. This is the first time in which ALL the reviewers agreed on the talent showcased on a mixtape project. Einstagator and Jacob Scott did a tape worthy of listens, downloads, placement, and purchase. This mixtape was nothing short of MAJOR status. Jason (reviewer) said that "every listener who presses play on track one will be hooked in!!!" and Dj Kouture stated that "Their words create an image of a life style and how we are all trying to succeed, in not only this business, but in life." These artists were able to produce a project that left the lyrical fans, dance fans, and overall lovers of the genre satisfied. The transitions from song to song were great, the mixing was great, and the samples...basically you get the point. Everyone on Team Breezy Says was more than happy to have received and reviewed this mixtape. This is what we look forward to when dealing with independent artists. They truly should have more downloads and listens. Press play and thank us for it later.


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