Wednesday, September 25

Rock Dillon - "DMH4" (Hosted by DJ Big Tiny, Propane Media)

(Hosted by DJ Big Tiny, Propane Media)
Featuring Shawty Lo, Fabo, OJ da Juiceman, 8Ball, Gangsta Boo & More

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01. Dirty Money Hu$tlin' [Prod. By Big Yo]
02. Pussy Nigga (Feat. Yung Turk of CashMoney) [Prod. By D-Mac]
03. I Got Mo (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Shawty Lo) [Prod. By D-Mac]
04. O' Lets Eat (Feat. Star Sosa of V.B.G)
05. Work (Feat. Kyd Band$ of V.B.G) [Prod. By J$mil]
06. Yayo (Feat. Playa Fly) [Prod. By Montana Trax]
07. Say 1 (Feat. Boobie Lee of V.B.G)
08. Domestic Violence [Prod. By J$mil]
09. Feeling This (Feat. Fabo of D4L) [Prod. By J$mil]
10. Ima Playa (Feat. Boobie Lee & T-Dubb of V.B.G) [Prod. By D-Mac]
11. Rep My Set (Feat. Kyd Band$ of V.B.G) [Prod. By Montana Trax]
12. Hater (Feat. 8Ball) [Prod. By Rock Dillon]
13. I Jugg (Feat. Shawty Lo) [Prod. By Lil B]
14. King Of The South [Prod. By J$mil]
15. What You Can't Be
16. Dirty Dishes (Feat. Gangsta Boo) [Prod. By J$mil]
17.  Electric Feel [Prod. By TJ Smith]
18. Pimpin' (Feat. T-Dubb of V.B.G)
19. Swear 2 God [Prod. By J$mil]
20. Outro

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