Friday, October 11

A. Tibbz - The Cool Out

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Distribution
New Mixtape from A. Tibbz
01. Intro (Prod. by Daniel Dalexis)
02. April Fools (Prod. by Purps)
03. I'm The Man feat. Brandon James & SCB (Prod. by 23)
04. Ride (Prod. by Oph Kiltah)
05. Mind Your Manners Remix (Prod. by Xaphoon Jones)
06. Untied [Let It Go Remix] (Prod. by Canei Finch)
07. Interlude (Prod. by Daniel Dalexis)
08. High Gear (Prod. by Paperboy Fabe)
09. Ben Franklin (Prod. by A. Tibbz)
10. All I Need [Still Not A Player Remix] (Prod. by Knobody)
11. Domino Effect feat. DG (Prod. by A. Tibbz)
12. The Takedown (Prod. by Johnny Juliano)
13. Introduction (Prod. by 23)
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