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Natural Vibes "Bad Mind" - @vibesnatural62

Natural Vibes “Bad Mind” - @vibesnatural62

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Born on December 29, 1980, in a little village called Catadupa St. James in Jamaica. Natural Vibes began singing in the church choir at the age of six. His passion for music grew as he got older. He began writing at age fourteen and with his brothers formed a group called Gideon House Family. The group performed in their small village and later performed in larger cities such as Montego Bay and Kingston.
At age 24 Natural Vibes came to USA and landed, in the Big Apple, New York. After a while he decided his calling was in Orlando, Florida and he made his way to Orlando in 2006. Since then he has taken Orlando by storm with his reggae beats and his powerful lyrics that touch the heart.
In 2007 he won the Central Florida Classic Showcase and he continues to perform in numerous clubs, Central Florida.His recent work includes music, which crosses over into the Latin culture. He wanted to incorporate the styles of Caribbean, including mambo and merengue beats.
Thankful to the Lord for all the opportunities given to him in life, he remains humble in his music journey.

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