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Lil Scooty - "Money On Me" feat. Yella [DJ Pack]

Money Really Counts LLC.

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Lil Scooty - "Money On Me"
feat. Yella

Twitter: @LilScooty 
Instagram: @lilscooty
Contact: James Dishroom (317) 492-0947
Release Date Jan. 20, 2014 Dist. on Itunes,, Google Play
The track is currently in club and mixtape rotation in Indianapolis, IN and Bowling Green, KY. 
Mixshow cities: N/A

Viral Views: 346,962 (

Music Site Plays and Downloads - 20,432 listens -   - 88,566 listens - - 52,501 impressions
Facebook friends and contacts – 11,823 Followers – 11,875

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Exposure and Buzz in the Midwest market (4 states, 5 cities)
Instant hit on local radio and in the Midwest
Solidifies coast-to-coast marketing and promotion

Super Bowl Bash w/ Young Scooter: Feb. 2014
Hot 96 Radio Interview and Single World Premiere - "George"
Opening act for Various Industry Artists
"George" Video Production
MTV World Premiere of "George" Video
Single Release Party
Midwestern Tour (9 States, 25-28 cities)

Mixtapes (featured on): all on 

 "Money Really Counts " - Hosted by DJ Champ (The Commission) 
(1,768 imprints)


"Thinkin Like a Billionaire 3" - FutureStar DJs, Coast2Coast DJs, - (840 imprints)


"" Hosted by DJ Reddy Rock (4,876 imprints)

Outta Here ft. Gorilla Zoe 
What Da Trap Do ft. Lil Phat
*Coming Soon* George ft Young Scooter 

Born January 1, 1987 on the Eastside of Indianapolis, Indiana. It was at that time that he developed the nickname “Lil Scooty” which he uses as his stage name today. His rapping style is a mid-south country swagger with an incomparable design. He is poised to bring his original approach to his rapidly growing fan base through creative marketing strategies, LIVE shows, entertaining visual images, and music that is unparalleled.  
At 11 years of age, Lil Scooty began his career rapping at local talent shows where he showcased his talent. He currently raps both individually and with his label/group "MRC"(Meat Roll Clique) which includes artists Spitty Spark, Young Kano, and Sauce, whom all have solo projects. Lil Scooty also owns Music Recording Center Entertainment in Indianapolis.
Local radios in Indianapolis, as well as college and internet radio stations are spinning Lil Scooty. He has just started a real radio push with the single "POP 1 POP 2,” supporting it with an initial 10,000 cd’s, live performances, promo/internet blasts and a full-length video by Glitch Films. 
Putting on a lively performance, Lil Scooty opens for many of the national acts that pass through the city of Indianapolis. He is a frequent visitor to Atlanta, which he has turned into a second home. Lil Scooty is also going back to college, which will open new avenues and opportunities for his music so that he might build upon his core audience.