Thursday, June 12

Major Money - "I'm Paid" [MAIN / RADIO VERSIONS]

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"I'm Paid"
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About Major Money:
Major Money was born March 2, 1982 in Houston, Texas into a strict gospel upbringing. Music was the focal point in a family where music often times was the only means for survival. In major's words, "I was born on a church pew, the last row way in the back. "No secular music in my house, only gospel; Tramaine Hawkins, John P. Key, Mississippi Mass Choir, and Shirley, you know the good stuff, but growing up in the 80's and early 90's in a low income home in the ghettos on the north side of Houston was the fuel needed to ignite the fire that is now known as Major Money.
I was in a r&b group named FLAJ, but when we met a guy by the name of V. Micheal McKay we started singing gospel. We performed with the then unknown Yolanda Adams at the Texas gospel music awards and eventually started opening up for John P. Key. My group and I were heavy in the talent show circuit, winning showcase after showcase. In 1995 we signed with Interface Records. Now I'm working with all the Houston greats," Geto Boys", "Big Mike", "Mike Dean", and "N.O Joe", just to name a few. I worked on projects like The Geto boy's "Resurrection" and Scarface's "My Homies." After working under Scarface for years with no advance, we were induced to Rap-a-lot Records, they had no need for a singing group after the less than stellar release of their first r&b act. We were quickly induced to NooTribe/Virgin which lasted only a few short years before eventually getting dropped, after their first attempt with r&b didn't take off.
502 Recordz was my first independent recording label. This was an r&b label whose main act 'SMOK', had mild success. I was the primary producer, along with BangBeatz. NuMoney Recordz was established in 2005 with a new focus and direction. Hip Hop label that incorporates both Hip Hop and R&B. This was the birth of Major Money."

Twitter/Instagram: @MAJOR_MONEY__

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