Monday, March 16

[Single] Billionaire Buck (@Comptonsbuck) ft @ReddyRochLive - My Ni66as Get Money

OK seriously did you really think it was over???? Did you Really think the Compton native Billionaire buck, that kicked the year off.... With the mixtape PSA "F**k them Haters" wouldn't cont. To let you know that him & his team aren't planning on going anywhere an have no plans on slowing down... Now with his latest installment off his PSA mixtape F**k them Haters "MY NI66AS GET MONEY" featuring his 1st round draft pick @ReddyRochLive... Buck let's you know his team's Daily activity. So Enjoy !! listen & Download and make sure you catch up with Buck on Twitter: @comptonsbuck & IG @billionaire_buck also Holla at Reddy Roch Live @ReddyRochLive and keep up with the whole movement @TeamBlockBallin Listen & Download