Saturday, April 25

[Album] Ted Massena (@HGMco) - N2O

ORLANDO, FLORIDA—If you’re looking for a hip hop artist who’s different, then rapper Ted Massena is your guy. He considers himself the “black sheep” of hip hop. “I feel like I’m an outcast,” explained Massena. “I like to talk about weird topics. My style is definitely in its own category. I express myself differently from a lot of people I guess.” Rapping since the age of 18, Massena shows no signs of slowing down or giving up his unique style. In fact, he’s been in the studio for the last several months diligently working on his latest album titled ‘N2O.’ “It stands for nitrogen oxide. People who are into racing put that into their cars. So for anyone who listens to this upcoming new project, they’re taking a ride with me for a little bit while being entertained.” With musical inspirations ranging from Eminem to Kid Cudi, Massena promises his latest work of art won’t disappoint. If nothing more, fans will be eager to hear even more of his music available all over the internet. “I just want people to feel good and have fun when they listen to my music. Whether they’re in the club on chilling at home, I just want people to enjoy it,” explained Massena. However, don’t be surprised if Massena’s lyrics throw listeners off guard. He admits his music can be a bit trippy or even psychedelic at times—but that’s just part of the fun. “The way I put words together is kind of off,” he described. “I just talk a lot of sh*t in my songs. That’s just how I am. I describe my music as really ignorant.” Massena stays rather busy, too. When he’s not in the studio making rhymes, he’s running his company titled HGM. “I’m the leader and founder of the company. Basically, we are a group of directors, artists, etc. who collaborate together to make graphics or put together other creative projects for people,” he explained. His company has also worked with Massena on past musical projects. His latest album scheduled to drop later this month will include ten tracks with songs including “Outer Space,” “Ozone” and “Tokyo Driff.” “The song is really catchy. It’s loud, too.” Stated Massena.

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