Tuesday, September 15

[Single] Young Master (@YoungMaster_LXG) - Stay Awake

HOUSTON, TEXAS—Young Master is on a mission to change the music scene in a much different way than rappers before him. “A lot of artists today don’t really try to put a lot of motivation and inspiration into their music,” stated Young Master. “Nowadays, a lot of rappers just string words together without really thinking about what they’re saying. My music has substance. It’s meant to inspire.” Influenced by such rappers as Tupac, Kendrick Lamar and T.I.—the Houston native has just unleashed his catchy new single titled “Stay Awake.” “It has a country feel to it. The song is based on different parts of my life, relationship, things that are going on at work and in society,” explained the young hip hop artist. “It’s indirect. So you can really apply it to any situation.” This single will be featured on the talented rapper’s debut project titled “Count Your Blessings” which will include 17 brand new tracks produced by Young Master’s brother Architect Ali. “I’ve been working with my brother for a long time. He’s the driving force behind the beats,” explained Young Master. “A lot of hard work and energy has been going into the project.” According to Young Master, the project is approximately 25 percent complete. He’s aiming for a winter release and promises that fans won’t be disappointed. “When people here my music, I hope they feel what I’m saying. I hope they get a lot of inspiration and motivation from it. I want them to be inspired to continue working hard and never lose sight of what their hopes and dreams are,” explained Young Master. Since he was 13-year-old, Young Master has been making music and intends to take hip hop in a new, positive direction. “I see myself looked as one of the greatest artists of the upcoming generation. I plan to be one of the most influential artists of this time,” stated Young Master.