Wednesday, April 27

Spotlight on L-Smooth

Rodney Dawson admits he has a lot of faith in his friend and business partner, L-Smooth. So much faith, the two quit their jobs working in the carpet industry together to delve into the world of hip hop and formed an independent label titled Street City Enterprises.

“We first met on the job and used to always listen to music together,” stated Dawson. “One day I told him I like what you’re doing. Let’s go into business together and that’s when we created the company. I have so much faith in him, it’s kind of ridiculous!”

So far, that faith in his friend is paying off. His debut single from the upcoming album, “Pillow Cases,” has received about 10,000 radio spins online and has sold about 200 copies and growing.

We’re pretty confident this project is going to take us to the next level,” stated Dawson, who is also L-Smooth’s manager. “He is very talented. Think old-school hip hop combined with the sounds of today.”

According to Dawson, one word that describes his talented friend is “authentic.”

Everything he raps about is based on how he lives. He doesn’t rhyme about things he’s not experienced. He’s doing straight, authentic hip hop. He a true lyricist,” he stressed.

L-Smooth’s upcoming album will feature 13 relatable tracks fans of hip hop can enjoy and bob their heads to. A lot of hard work and sleepless nights have gone into perfecting the project.

He really, really takes his time with his music. Each song he creates, he has to perfect it in every way. If it’s not mixed and mastered right he won’t put it out there. He’s all about quality,” explained Dawson.

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