Tuesday, May 17

[Single] Yung PO$ (@YungP_O_Dolla) - Stomp Jugg

Yung PO$ spreads message of positivity with new dance track “Stomp Jugg”

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A new dance craze is sweeping the nation, and it all surrounds the new single from Yung PO$.

The single is called “Stomp Jugg,” and in just a few short weeks the song has seen thousands of downloads on SoundCloud and engendered a fan-made dance video on YouTube that sees hundreds of hits daily.

According to Yung PO$, the moves for the dance were created organically as he wrote the music in response to a trend he was seeing in the local club scene in South Carolina.

“Everybody be jugging here,” he said. “They’ve all got their own dance moves and going to different clubs, and it made me want to jugg and have my own dance moves. I drop a lot of swag and a lot of dab. People call it the ‘Money Rock,’ but it just came organically. At first it was just a couple of moves, and then one day as I was listening to some music it just came and suddenly it was a full dance. Now everybody in my hood knows the Money Rock – you stomping and you jugging and you feel it and do whatever you want. It’s just an expression of you.”

The single, which Yung PO$ released on Soundcloud, has reached as far as Atlanta and Dallas, TX, where a budding fan-base went so far as to create a YouTube video that is beginning to go viral. Yung PO$ said he loves to see his music take off like that because it spreads his message of love and positivity around the world – which ultimately is the philosophy behind his name.

“If you’re from my hood, you’re already young positivity,” he said. “You’re familiar with young positivity. PO$ stands for positivity. My music is unique to me – my voice is different and my vocal tone is different. And I love how the music I create inspires others to be creative and express themselves. That’s what this is all about – expressing yourself no matter what and breaking them chains.”

Yung PO$ said he feels like it’s a calling of his life to create music, and credits “The Most High” for the success he’s seen over the past five years of creating music.

“If it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this,” he said. “At the end of the day it’s blessing on blessing.”

As the single continues to gain traction, Yung PO$ said he’s already in the studio working on a new album that he hopes to release later this year. He also is in the process of developing a music video for “Stomp Jugg,” and hopes that the positive buzz surrounding the song will continue to garner air play on radio stations nationwide.

To find out more about Yung PO$, fans can follow him on Twitter at YungP_O_Dolla, or visit soundcloud.com/yung-p-o-dolla.