Monday, May 9

[Video] R-Dezy (@RDezy) - Millions

When it comes to hip hop music, R-Dezy cares way more about the fame than the money that comes along with the game. Like Mohammad Ali, he simply wants to be the greatest.

I can be the brokest dude out there, but as long as people know me, that’s all that matters,” stated R-Dezy. I actually call myself the new Kanye. He’s a genius, by the way. I feel like I’m about to open new doors for the hip hop industry.”

Confident and focused on his craft, R-Dezy has been working around the clock to perfect his latest project titled “I Just Came Up Overnight.” He says he was inspired to write the song after people have since taken notice of his raw, genuine talent. It wasn’t that long ago when he was still trying to gain traction in the entertainment world.

“The mixtape is going to have a lot of good songs on it. There are 18 tracks total. We’re looking at a June 17, 2016 release. The music is all fun,” he stated. “I hope when people hear it, they feel they can get up and do what I talk about in my music. I want them to go after their dreams, their money and feel that they are the best at what they do.

The first single from the EP is an up-tempo track called “Millions.” R-Dezy recently filmed a music video to accompany the track. For listeners who are feeling down, this is a song, he says, that’ll pump them up.

“It’s a great song. It has a great beat. I got in the studio and kind of just did it. Whenever I listened to it, it was amazing,” he stated. “It was one of those things where I felt it could be really, really big. When I was recording it, it kind of set the tone for the mixtape.”

According to the talented rapper, while he loves all the songs on his upcoming project, his favorite is a track called “None.” “It’s a song about people not respecting you for doing music, and they don’t really respect the fact that you’re a human being. They don’t give you a chance. In the song I say, I really don’t need anybody but me.’”

While this project is about to be R-Dezy’s first major release, know that it will definitely not be his last. After all, he’s on a mission to change the game of hip hop as we know it. To learn more about him, check him out on Twitter and

Watch the official video for Millions on YouTube