Tuesday, May 30

Vote for Amerikas Addiction #ThisIsMyYearA3C challenge 2017! #DWYD #A3C @amerikasaddict

Amerikas Addiction working to be the 1st Official Milwaukee artists at A3C Music Festival & Conference
Amerikas Addiction has the opportunity to make hip-hop history in their city by becoming the first Independent Milwaukee artists to be Official Performing Artists at the world's largest hip-hop festival, The A3C Music Festival & Conference in Atlanta, GA from October 4-8th 2017!

They are apart of the "This Is My Year" challenge for A3C in 2017.

The VOTING link is here - http://woobox.com/twptnx/iynutw

The contest runs from Monday, May 29th 10am EST to June 2nd 11pm EST!
" Just to let Everyone know, I have been trying for 3 LONG YEARS to perform in Atlanta at A3C - which is the worlds Biggest Hip-Hop Music Festival! I have talked to dozens of people with no love shown, I have sent hundreds of messages and made hundreds of phone calls and spent my last dollar to try and make it happen. BUT! FINALLY - WE, Amerikas Addiction have the opportunity to perform in the same festival as some of the biggest legends and our idols in Hip-Hop culture. Now, we just have to WIN"
#DWYD #DoWhatYouDesire #ThisIsMyYearA3C #A3C17

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