Thursday, June 29

Spotlight on DJ Balanze

Who is DJ Balanze From being homeless, and having to watch his mother struggle, Malcolm has come a long way. With a style of music that only be described as trap style with a little bit of chaos thrown in there, his love of taking dark sounds with a bright background and turning them into a masterpiece is truly a talent, that many have a hard time trying to capture. From being that goofy kid that played football in his moms yard to building his own website and teaching himself how to produce music, is exactly what has turned him into the musical genius he is today. Not only does he want to succeed as an artist himself, and take care of his family but his goal is to help other artist shine as well. I would definitely say that he has come a long way from overcoming his fear of showing off his music and talent to others. Watch out because the game is overdue now for a change! Check out his beats!!!

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