Monday, June 26

Spotlight on Mike Notes

Who is Mike Notes you ask? Not only is he another one of Blu Skales' amazing, and extremely talented artist, but at the end of the day hes a down to earth family man, who still has to get that one game of basketball in atleast once a week. The first word that comes into my mind when I think of Mike Notes is versatile. He can go from an amazing melody, to a pop or dance track with the flip of a switch, but no matter what, I can bet you one thing, it will always be that type of "feel good " music that will sweep you away. Growing up in Euclid, Ohio had its ups and downs. Coming from a religious background, music was not the first choice his parents had in mind, but Mike Notes love for music forced him to take that risk, where he realized that sometimes you really do have to stand alone in the game. With his drive, his determination, and the support and love from his wife and kids, hes closer to his goal of suceedding and taking it all the way to the top! Check out his newest music on Soundcloud!

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