Wednesday, July 12

Introducing Louisiana artist 'Slim Guapo' & new video! @Is_ThatSlim

Slim Guapo is an upcoming rapper from Winnsboro, Louisiana, where talent is easy to find but the town is to small to be noticed. Trying to make something out of nothing Slim Guapo and his mixture of artist, Isabell Mafia, all join together to make their dream of being big time rappers reality. Slim Guapo and his artist have been working extremely hard on a big project coming mid-August a solo mixtape, Isabell Vol.1, and a joint mixtape, Isabell Mafia Vol.1, that's guaranteed to set the summer on fire!

Check out Slim Guapo's new video 'Fresh' Feat. Isabell Mike (shot by @ShotByTaeTrent)

Connect w/ Slim Guapo
Twitter @is_thatslim
Instagram: @Slimguapo