Thursday, January 25

[New Video] Rico Band$$ - Bling Bling

Take a trip to Time Square with RICO BAND$$ in his new video for “BLING BLING” off his THE NAICHE PROJECT EP set for release in spring of 2018. Rico has been building a buzz in his hometown of Brooklyn, specifically in the Bushwhack area, but he is ready to make it on the national level. “BLING BLING” has accumulated over 150,000 views and is a testament to his broad appeal with a melody-driven autotune sound that is built to prosper in today’s climate. Coming from a borough that produces traditionally boom-bap artists, Rico is looking to break the mold and modernize the sound of his area. Look for RICO BAND$$ to define this era of Brooklyn hip-hop, make sure you check out THE NAICHE PROJECT coming this spring, and for now watch "BLING BLING" below.

IG: @Ricobandss