Thursday, September 6

Introducing Andray Taylor's New Single- Hydroplaning

Mental health has been the topic of conversation in the hip-hop community more than ever this year and for that reason, Andray Taylor’s story may inspire some. Born in Oakland, CA and raised in Norfolk, VA, the multi-talented rapper turned to Hip Hop when he started experiencing depression. Using his music as an outlet, he let his thoughts be known in lyrical form. It all started in high school when his teacher of AP Government assigned a project to which he rapped historical facts and received an A. Not only did he obtain a good grade, the word also spread that Taylor was talented. Landing himself in the middle of the music industry, he began to take this newfound skill more seriously as he stepped foot into The Venue on 35th in 2013. 2 years after, he released his first ever project titled “Rumors of Bloomers” followed by his second project “The Cost of Blooming” in 2017. He just dropped a new single, “Hydroplaning.” Follow him as he makes his mark in music on Facebook at

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