Wednesday, March 6

Investing Black Records/Sony Introduces King3y3Am J Dot With New Release!

Introducing the newest kid on the block King3y3Am J Dot I know the name looks a little weird but theirs a meaning behind it, but that a story for another time. His name is pronounced (King I Am J Dot). Right now I want to tell you guys about his new single "Livin Lost Lyf3", which is an introduction song. The chorus from “Livin Lost LyF3” words from King3y3Am J Dot tells in detail that he lost time far as started off his music career. Life is full of ups and downs twist and turns, coming from a city where there is murder everyday you have to make sure you make certain decisions just to make it back home safe not knowing if today could be your last day.Its a war zone going on in Baltimore, war on mind mentally and physically, you have stay strapped at all times before you leave the house mentally and physically. In the mist of it all he still manages to maintain stay focused on the outcome of where it lead him today. Being able to bring his dreams to light, grind hard everyday and receiving motivational words from recording artist “Starlito” "how ever you get your money don’t stop keep going stay focused on the path one day it will lead to your success". Wordplay - this life is not checkers its a chess move if you snooze you lose. Speaking on Life itself you have know you are going to win, you have to see yourself winning and know you're already in the position to receive your blessings (Law of Attraction).

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