Wednesday, March 13

Young Ripstarr - Tears Of A Black Man (Album Review)

Young Ripstarr is a deep and multifaceted hip-hop artist from Miami, Florida who could very well be the most important new talent of the next few years. His flows are honest, tough, and vulnerable all at once and display an extensive knowledge of himself and of the streets. His latest effort, Tears From A Black Man, is a fully woke statement of both funk and consciousness that, in a perfect world, would soar to the top of the charts. Ripstarr’s music is raw and real. He writes about the difficult topic of being black in America unflinchingly, digging far below his surface to tell true stories to anyone willing to listen.

Young Ripstarr controls every aspect of his art and business by making beats, producing, writing songs, engineering, and running his own label/publishing company, Rip The Streets Entertainment, Inc,. in addition to rapping. This gives him a powerful authenticity that’s present in every second of Tears From A Black Man and is also what gives his music the potential to touch so many people. Realness is what’s missing in the made-of-plastic 21st Century, so much so that false bravado and negative stereotypes often pass for it. Ripstarr delivers his listeners none of that fakery, pouring himself into the bars he spits and showing the world for what it is.

Came From That Block” is the lead single and tells of where Young Ripstarr started in this life. He relates the pain and struggles that he and those around him tried to survive with lyrical skill and never resorts to glorifying negativity to get attention. His delivery, like his presence, is direct and straightforward and does much to communicate his messages. “Nothing But Hate” is about getting out of a loveless city for his own sake and that of the next generation. “Grown Man Cry” brilliantly describes the pain so many struggling men carry in their hearts that kills them from the inside out. It’s a brave topic to address in public and will hopefully reach those who need to hear it the most. Other standout tracks include “Mentally Slaves,” “Tears Of Pain,” "The Kenneka Story" and “Letter To A Black Woman (Spoken Word by DanMan Danman)” but there are no dead spots to be found here, so play it all the way through.
Young Ripstarr is making the kind of music the world needs right now. The truth he speaks is universal and will install itself into your mind in the space of a couple of listens. Hip-hop fans looking for something more than the shallow waters of the mainstream will find a lot to like about Tears From A Black Man. Highly recommended.

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