Tuesday, August 13

Jon Locke Releases new single: Red Lingerie @IAMJOCKLOCKE

Chicago based RnB artist, Jon Locke, is back behind the mic again with his debut LP, Champagne Room. After his release of Vickies which featured Project Pat, Locke focused more on developing local artists. “I always wanted to be a producer and writer but when I would work with other artist they would ask me to get on the hook and then next thing I had people asking me to do a record,” Locke said. Inspired by some of his influences which include
Quincy Jones, Babyface and The-Dream, Locke is creating music that is transparent and authentic.

Locke, who studies Communications at Purdue University says one of his business influences include Sean Carter. “I like how Jay Z moves silently and how he carries himself. I think its the perfect balance of corporate and street”, Locke said. Jon learned production from Wildstyle of Crucial Conflict and his father Ruben Locke, Jr who played drums for Tyrone Davis and The Impressions. He learned writing form Laney Stewart, brother of Tricky Stewart.“I enjoy working with musicians and having them come in and enhance the production. I like to write to the music and however the music is making me feel, I’ll choose from a past experience to write

Authenticity is what Jon is bringing to his music and he knows that sometimes that can be a win or lose situation. “ I just want to make music that moves people. Music that people can relate to when it comes to relationships. These are stories about love, sex, temptations and those introspective moments in life.” Locke says he will try not to get caught up in how many streams or if he will ever win a grammy but just making good music. “Of course I want to be the best at what I do, I believe I can go down as one of the best RnB artist when its all said and done. But if all I get out of this is a solid career where I can take care of my family, then I’m