Tuesday, September 17

Témi "Motivation" vIDEO

On the making of the Motivation video, Témi says, "I’m very proud of my new video MOTIVATION. I wanted to shoot a video that stepped away from the normal bravado driven scope that most male videos are shot in. Although shot in a comedic light, I wanted to display the strength of a woman. Not just that of the woman with the "perfect" shape, size or appearance. I wanted to show the strength and beauty in women of all walks of life. Too tall, too short, too big, too small, too feminine or not feminine enough. The strength is in their originality and the power to deal a big “F*CK YOU” to the pressures of society to match the idea of the worlds “perfect image”. The world isn’t perfect and neither are any of us that live on it. So I respect the beauty and power in all women, as the most powerful thing we can be is OURSELVES. Thank you to all the women that honored me with their cameos in this video. We had an amazing time on set and I am grateful for each of you. And to EVERY woman out there that reads this or sees this video...LOVE yourself because I LOVE y’all...You are my MOTIVATION.

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