Saturday, March 21

Donald Trump is responsible for the Coronavirus says Millionaire mogul Maxwell Billieon @maxwellbillieon

Millionaire Maxwell Billieon the popular real estate mogul says Donald Trump is responsible for the Coronavirus. In this brief video he breaks down why and much more.

Peep why here!

Millionaire Maxwell Billieon is the CEO of Billieon Global Ventures with holdings in million dollar real estate, renewable energy, transit, finance and more. He has an extensive background in the entertainment business and ventures with Sony Music International, WETV, Simon & Schuster Publishing, a two time best selling author and currently has an artist on Universal/Island. He has been featured on FOX, NBC, ABC and is a former host on Iheartradio. Maxwell is also Los Angeles‘ Commissioner of Quality & Productivity. Maxwell will be featuring weekly content on his @maxwellbillieon Instagram on the world of politics, business, entertainment and lifestyle.