Sunday, April 26

Fate Gryndhouse - Don't Run Off On The Plug

Fate Gryndhouse 

 Don't Run Off On The Plug 

Artist: Fate Gryndhouse
Track: Don't Run Off On The Plug
Producer: MikeyOTB
BPM: 120
Label: Gryndhouse Records LLC

Philadelphia artist Fate just dropped a new single called, “Don’t Run Off On The Plug” Produced By: MikeyOTB. After the release of his 2018 Mixtape “Hustla Grammar” which was hosted by Jeezy’s official Dj (Dj Ace) and Berner’s Tour Dj (Dj Tephlon), this new comeback record shows that Fate is heating up the streets fast. As he quotes, “Everybody making records about running off on the connect. But we don’t run off on a plug at least not in my era. These new niggaz got the game fucked up; that’s just some shit we didn’t do when I was in the GAME. That type bullshit a get ya head knock off real fast we’re I’m from. Some food for thought you never bite the hand that feeds you. Always stay 10 toes down and its always loyalty before dishonor.”Fate Gryndhouse ( LinkTree ) "Don't Run Off On The Plug" Available Everywhere Soon.
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