Wednesday, July 29

The King of Scam Rap, Harlem's Richfam Nate is Here to Takeover!!! @Richfamnate

Richfam Nate The Harlem, NY rapper just came from prison after doing time for major bank fraud serving 3/4 years and was fortunately let go due to the current pandemic Covid-19. Currently on house arrest serving the remainder of his sentence, that's not stopping his grind. Releasing multiple singles he secured radio play and has only been home for one month. Richfam Nate is here to make his name and secure his spot. Holding the title as the top scam rapper in the game now, he lets it be known what it was and soon you'll find out. From his story to overcoming homelessness and foster care to making millions in scamming, being heavily involved in white collar crime to not knowing his father, Richfam Nate's life is a story in itself.