Tuesday, July 21

View the World through the Eyes of Golden Mack @golden_mack

Los Angeles, CA is home to many iconic figures in the music industry, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Nipsey Hussle, and more. Preceding these greats is a superstar on the rising name Golden Mack. Golden Mack came from the struggle in the Echo Park neighborhood, with no knowledge of money, credit, or foundation. Stemming from a household with 8 brothers and sisters, he was born to be competitive which lead him down a path of selling drugs to survive. Luckily Mack found his outlet from the slums through music. He was determined to not let his past determine his future. Mack’s career started taking off fast and many started to notice. He branched out from recording his own music to engineering hits for others. Magazines with the likes of Thrasher, Vibes, and Calvin Klien featured the rising star after being spotted as an extra skater and dancer in hip-hop artist and fellow west-coaster Kendrick Lamar’s video. His fame opened the door as the opening act for many top list hip-hop artists in the industry. “having a baby boy changed my life to strive for success even harder” From rapping and producing, to dancing and acting, the sky's the limit for the golden child, with his new mixtape “Born-A-Mack”. His goal is to take his fortunes from entertainment and invest in multiple businesses, property, and clothing lines. Music is the gift that he’s using to provide generational wealth for his label, family, and friends. Mack later on released a song with John Cinco he was part of QC the label OG Maco and playboi carti. Golden Mack embraces star power and craftiness with his new Mixtape”Born-A-Mack” Coasting through the streets and growing up, he developed a love for the genre of hip hop music. In his journey to spread his love for hip hop and his culture, Golden Mack showcases musical genius with his latest mixtape ”Born-A-Mack” ,Buckle your seatbelt and prepare to ride with Golden Mack’s new mixtape ”Born-A-Mack” which can be streamed on all platforms. As well check out his single “Loyalty and Respect “ For bookings, contact YPMRecordsLLC@gmail.com Follow Golden Mack On Instagram Here