Monday, September 21

[New Album] (C.O.V.1.D.E.N.T.I.A.L.) by Greenfolkz led by “5tash” Ryan Lamar Alexander @5tash_

“Brand New Album by Greenfolkz! an ATL based Label & Collective Group of independent Artists led by “5tash”, - Ryan Lamar Alexander, consisting of “Steffany Saffire”- Ehime Sadoh, “Yoxay”- Joseph Allen, “MT!“-Marcus Thomas, “Odashow”- Oluseyi Olaore, “DC Slogan”- Jeremiah Porter, “Glorious Queen“- Catalina Simpson, and Producers “Yung Swizx“, Brian Hardwick & “Kenny Keyz”, Kenneth Reyes. C.O.V.1.D.E.N.T.I.A.L. Is they’re collective’s Debut Album Released on 9/11, the whole entire album highlights, exposes and brings truth to the mysterious origins of the 2020 Global CoronaVirus Pandemic while touching on topics such as our everyday life since, informing the masses On our possible scenarios to come, all to gritty, uptempo beats. A sure classic CLICK LINK TO LISTEN