Thursday, October 29

RayZen Kane “Other Side Of The Moon” Single

After a hiatus away from the music scene, RayZen Kane has readjusted his focus and is now pulling double duty by being both a producer and a rapper. “I started out as a local DJ and evolved into a music producer,” Kane explains of his decision. “This is the next step in my evolution. I also felt that I didn’t always like how some artists rapped over my beats I sold to them and I’m capable of doing much better.” RayZen Kane expects to end the fourth quarter of 2020 strong. He reintroduced himself to the world with his first single “Other Side Of The Moon” off of his upcoming debut album. He is slated to drop his highly anticipated debut solo EP early 2021. Fans can expect that real raw, gangsta, hardcore, funky, street sound and energy combined with the lifestyle of the real motorcycle bike life that RayZen Kane has quickly become known for. “Son of Stalebread is my new project,” says Kane. “I’m dedicating this album to my father. Son of Stalebread means a lot to me not just because it’s a way of honoring the man who gave me life but also because it’s my first project that I’m releasing after being away from music for the past few years and pulling myself out of a negative state of mind of being depressed and self-destructive.” The future looks bright for RayZen Kane. Beyond establishing himself as an artist, he plans on taking several other budding artists under his wing and help them release their own projects under his production company Led Mob Music Group. But for now, RayZen Kane is focused on himself and making his mark once again in the music industry. “I can add that raw element to hip-hop that’s been missing,” he says. “Honestly and Sincerity. Back when music use to give you goosebumps. Painting the pictures as I see it.”

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