Tuesday, November 24

Spotlight on Glock-9ne (GLK Music)

Spotlight on artist Glock-9ne (GLK Music), check the links out and connect, dope music.

Click Here to Stream Glock-9ne via ALL STREAMING SITES

Connect w/ Glock-9ne:

Email: glkmusicprod@gmail.com

If you have already discovered "Say Goodbye" and want to buy it:

Purchase Link: https://www.beatstars.com/beat/say-goodbye-ft-jamal-b-4949086/related-tracks

Ringtone Link (Only For iPhone): https://www.catapultdistribution.com/magnet/Glock-9ne-feat.-Jamal-B/Say-Goodbye

Ringtone Link(For Android): https://www.tuunes.co/ringtone/say-goodbye-feat-jamal-b

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