Thursday, February 11

Aquarius Jones "Trendsetta" Single | @AquariusJones5

Aquarius Jones, is a Hip Hop artist born in Phoenix, Arizona. He began singing, rapping, participating in talent shows and writing his own music at the age of 9. He began to pursue music seriously at the age of 16. Aquarius enjoys creating diverse music content that stems from his West Coast upbringing. He frequently talks about his rough upbringing which included poverty stricken projects that were drug infested and full of gangs who escaped California and rooted themselves in Arizona. His 2020 debut album "ALL IN" highlighted his dedication to his passion for music and his pursuit of being known as one of the best artists in the industry. His top track from the All In album was “Money Trail” that made the top 50 Hong Kong Editorial Playlist on Spotify and received over 25 radio spins on Apple music. Also the songs “Party” and “All In” were featured on Hip Hop Weekly and The Hype Magazine. As an Indie artist, Aquarius is proud of his over 5 million streams from the “All In” album on all streaming platforms as well as being named rising Hip Hop star on the upcoming 100 artists list. Aquarius produced 4 music videos for songs Party, All In, IG, and Music Shit that have over 500k organic views with minimal marketing & promotion.
2021 will be a breakout year for Aquarius who just completed his second studio album titled “Blue Phoenix”. The project has been described as dynamic, creative and lit times 4 from Hip Hop industry influencers. His lead single “Trendsetta” released on 1/23 which has potential to be a commercial hit! Aquarius will also start this year with live performances in Phoenix, AZ opening for both Polo G & Blueface in January.

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